Tara Days News talks about London’s tabloid The Sun calling Prince Harry a Royal Hypocrites, after Harry warned of the terrifying affect of climate changed.. Nevertheless Harry took a private jet from London to the Spanish holiday Isle, for his wife 38th birthday…Knowing a Private jet creates seven times more CO2 per person than any of one of nine daily scheduled flights from London. Security and Harry’s family were on the flight. Harry’s Speeches urging everyone to take action on climate change… Well,it seems Prince Harry is saying do what I say not what I do…And now the public is saying to Prince Harry please stop destroying the ozone layer with your Private jets….No worries we still love the Royals, after all no one is perfect.. But I believe God wants everyone to do their part and keep our earth clean.. Using paper bags and paper straws, keeping the oceans clean, reusable water bottles. And No flights on private jets, or at least less private jet flights…..

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