Tara Days News talks about some Americans bad-mouthing President Trump yet again. But most Americans are saying this is just another witch hunt. This time the Democrats are desperately and eagerly waiting to hear from this so called whistleblower, hoping to get some news that they hope will destroyed America’s Pro-life, Christian, President’s credibility. So that congress can impeached the best President America has ever had. The Ukraine’s President already said President Trump has done nothing wrong… Unemployment is low, Most black/biracial Americans are working and off of Welfare. Trump is working on building the wall, that will help border security secured America borders…The Christian leader Franklin Graham says President Trump is good for America. So when will these witch hunts end? Taradaysnews.com

Tara Days News talks about America’s most famous young lady, Malia Obama daughter of America’s first black/biracial President Barack Obama. All eyes are on Malia and her handsome British boyfriend Rory Farquharson. So says the two are very much in love. Rory is son of a very wealthy family in England. The two met while in collage.. And Rory and his patents has already met the Obama’s family. If I were a betting person I would bet Rory will marry the beautiful Malia Obama. But not for a few years, since Malia is only 21 years old…I’ve come to the conclusion that the 3 most famous families in the World are The Trump’s family, the Royals and the Obama’s family…..Tara Days News

Tara Days News asked why? I don’t understand why America’s most beautiful first lady Melania Trump is not on every magazine cover in America? Melania’s beautiful face would stop readers in their tracks. But pretty ladies from other nations are on the cover of America’s magazines. I don’t understand why Congresswoman Pelosi is against Trump’s wall? But Pelosi’s home is surrounded by a beautiful strong wall. We all need to diligently work on cleaning up our world, so says the rich. But how do we get rich folks to stop traveling on their private jets? I don’t understand why some Americans bad-mouth their own President, and celebrate leaders from other nations? Stop bad-mouthing Trump, just vote again in 2020…..Peace in America……

Tara Days News talks about President Trump outs John Bolton as national security adviser… Seems President Trump couldn’t see eye to eye on almost anything with Bolton…Trump wanted to meet with one the most extremist Military organization the Taliban. The Taliban aim is to force Islamic law on Afghanistan. And remove foreign influence from the country, banned women from employment and banned music, saying music distracted in their worshipping of their God. The Taliban wants control of Afghanistan. President Trump is right, he should meet with the leaders of the Taliban, if only to see them and hear their reasons for these unorthodox ideas they’ve… And because it’s better to keep your enemies close and talking…There has got to be and end to this on going war.. And the President is willing to meet face to face with the Taliban in the USA…Well, I certainly think it’s a very good idea not to be scared and face your enemy…..Team Trump.