Tara talks about her 17 videos, I really wanted to get a clip from all of my videos into one video, until my next video. Nevertheless it was heart-wrenching, when I learned it couldn’t be done in only 3 minutes. Being a news blogger who reports are about everything, from politics, television shows primetime and sexy daytime soaps, I am the daughter’s of a Pastor, So I am also huge fan of the Christian network TBN, which I watch often especially those days when I am sad, because of missing my family in New York, or when I’m upset about the harsh treatment from some Americans toward President Trump.. But also I love TBN 24/7 teachings of Jesus Christ…Team Trump…Taradaysnews.com

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Tara Days News talks about President Trump’s supporters saying Trump is the savior of America and Israel. Well, some of Trump’s supporters are bible reading church’s folks, like Christian leader Franklin Graham.. President Trump and his Administration are responsible for Jerusalem now being the capital of Israel, a huge victory for Israel. Trump has already criminalized abortions in a few states in America. And President Trump has invested billions in America’s black/biracial communities. Unemployment is at a all time low… President Trump has already started finishing America’s southern border. wall.. Definitely sounds like a savior. Taradaysnews.com

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